Foam board or Homosote


How should I proceed to build my table? 1/2” Birch plywood with foam board on top or Homosote?

I don’t plan on much landscape.

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    While i haven’t yet started on my new layout yet I’m planning on using 2″ foam over my plywood base. That will allow me to carve ditches and a river that the thinner Homosote most likely wouldn’t. May even add an additional inch of foam as i get to my rear mountain. Also another reason I am using foam is that my layout will be going out in the garage and living here in Central Florida I have to deal with heat; humidity and cold (balmy 40F here this morning). So i have to be cautious of humidity swelling things and the foam is not absorbent. Still might have to keep a dehumidifier running under the benchwork. Thing is that EPS is not cheap; about $60 for a 4’x8′ sheet here at Lowes.
    Mike Tuttle

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