Which way to mount flex track for curves


Flex track has solid tie connector on one side and notched with spaces between the ties on the other side.

When using flex track for a curve which side is on the outside of the curve ?

Thanks in advance.

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    My experience is with Atlas HO scale flextrack, both code 100 and code 83. On my first flextack layout I laid the curves with the ‘solid’ side on the outside of the curve. I ended up with a lot of short sections of rail with no ties. On my last layout I did the same thing. On both, the joiners were aligned inside and outside. On the last layout this resulted in derailing the lead driver on my Sante Fe Texas 2-10-4 steam locomotive. On my current layout I have been staggering the joints to prevent such, successfully based on testing. This also gives me an opportunity to not have trim so much from the inner rails. The original goal was to prevent having to add track to get the lengths of each rail to come out. Since the loose rail was always cut, the tracks could never get to their full lengths. I am still cutting rail but I suspect not as much and the result is more reliable for operation. I’ll know more how much when I start laying more new track and not recovered track from previous work. Good Luck and have fun either way. Ray.


    You might look at the PECO flex track. The plastic connections are staggard so creating curves is not a problem. Various rail codes are available. Good luck.

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