Min Curve Radius?


How strict are the min curve ratings on rolling stock?
I am interested in buying the MTH 20-95232 O Scale TTX Husky Stack Car but in my research, I keep running across the fact that it operates on O-54 curves. My layout consists of only O-36 FasTrack 3-rail curves, and I won’t be able to swap out for bigger curves for many years to come.
Is it possible to run rolling stock that is rated for bigger (O-54) curves on much tighter (O-36) curves?

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    I decided to use 50″ radius curves. I wanted to run some passenger cars that would look more natural and not too toy like. I did this on my main line mostly. For the sidings I was not as concerned and used smaller radius track and switches. Here I would be using smaller locomotives and rolling stock. I used #6 turnouts on my main line. Passenger trains look very good on the 50″ radius curves but it does require lots more space. My HO layout fills a 13 x 9 foot space and the operator is positioned in the center of it.


    I am building an HO layout in a small room. My largest radius will be 14″, my smallest will be 10″. Short locomotives, short cars and short trains. I am going up the walls as well. Right now I am working on max incline. I have determined that with short trains I can leave my cars lighter which will help on the inclines. I am also making my loco’s as heavy as I can and using Bullfrog Snot where appropriate. With sharp curves there is a lot of wheel slip even on the flat, so you need to keep that in mind when determining max incline. The thing to remember is test, test, test! Do not cheat, when you find out what your weakest, longest locomotive will do take some off and stick to it.

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