Type or brand of glue to attach E-Z track to pink foam


I have a base of 7/16 “ plywood screwed to the benchwork (shown). I will then glue pink insulation foam to the plywood. As this is my first layout would like suggestions on what glue to use to attach the foam and what glue to use to attach E-Z or “snap track” to the foam. I may need to redo the placement in the future.

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    I use all Kato HO track which is similar to EZ Track. Knowing I would probably change the track plan now and then, I use small dabs of cheap ELMER’s Rubber Cement along the bottom edges. It is easy to pull the track up and you can pull the rubber cement off the track cleanly.
    I use the clear ELMER’s school type glue to hold my foam bed to the plywood base. If I have to pull it up from the base, I just slip a large putty knife under it and it just comes up without breaking apart.
    I recently took apart a layout to rebuild a completely new one, and had no problems.


    Only use a water based glue never an oil based for foam. Get a gallon of Elmers white so you’ll have it forever, brush a thin coat on the foam, let it dry for a day and you’ll never get it off the ply.
    For the track, since you implied some flexibility, use something under the track like a tar paper, cardboard, foam tape etc lightly glued to the foam for easy removal later. Then use the white glue to glue the track to that. The reason for the extra step is that removal of the glued track directly from the foam leaves the foam a bumpy mess that will very tough later to smoothen out..

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