3′ track


i would like to use some 3′ track on my layout.

When attaching one end then i want to make a large corner turn leaving one rail on the other end and wondering how to make the long rail match the shorter in equal length?

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    Can you share a pic so we can see what you mean?


    Actually, you have to cut off a bit at the end of the inside rail. The outer curve is longer than the inner one. The outer radius is greater than the inner radius. Since you’re limited to a 36″ rail to cover both distances, the inner rail will be longer than the outer one.


    As above the two rails are not the same length so one has to cut rail eventually. The attached photo shows a staggered joint in Atlas Code 83 flextrack. To do this I figured out where I wanted the rail joiners, leaving at least 2 pairs of ties on each track beyond where the rail joiner will be. I then filed the pair of ties under the joint so that I could slide a rail joiner and not raise the rail. I then carefully feed each rail through the spikes on the other piece of track and into the joiners. Note that one rail is always loose on Atlas track and the other is fixed in place. You can see in the photo that the fixed rail is the inside rail on the right side of the photo and the outside rail on the left side. Previously i always laid track with the rail joiners aligned the fixed rail on the outside of the curves. This setup is an experiment to see if lone steam locomotives derail less. I also have a stockpile of rail with and without ties of various lengths due cutting flextrack. I also keep the ties to prevent the ‘Sleeper Thief’ from showing up! Good Luck, Ray

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