Christmas lights for model train


Has anyone used white Christmas Lights to light up their buildings? Have taken advantage of the after Christmas sales at Lowes.

Palm Tree Mike
Mike Tuttle

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    I have used the battery powered LED strands of white lights to light up houses. I wire them under the table and pull one or two (or more) lights up into the structure depending on its size. With the wire you can spread the lights out throughout the building and they pretty much stay there. The downside is that you will have lights under the table where they run to the next building, but on the upside, it lights up any storage you have under there.
    While these lights may not be exactly the outside tiny lights you were talking about, it would be a similar setup with wiring, except for plug in instead of battery.


      Thanks Sam! Nice photo. Now I’m starting to worry that since I have to seal the insides of my buildings, and probably have to seal the insides of the joints to avoid light filtering out; that the lights might just create too much heat in the enclosed space. Yikes…don’t have room on my 7′ x 8′ HO layout for a Fire Department! Starting to think about Fiber Optics. Thanks again Sam.


        These battery LED lights are pretty bright but have little to no real heat. They should work fine in a tightly enclosed structure. Still need a small hole to push them up into the building from below if possible. Good luck.


    Not Christmas tree lights, but LED strips just as easy (and cheap too).

    Have a look:

    LED Lighting


    Thank you very much for that heads up on the COB LED Strip Lights! Sixteen feet on a roll and only $23 US on Amazon. Good deal and enough LEDs to light up all my buildings. Dimmable too. And can order Suitcase Connectors so no more burning my fingerprints off soldering connections!. Actually going to purchase one of those soldering guns that have the automatic solder roll feed on them. Once again thank you for all your help and especially to AL for keeping all this going!

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