O guage (1/48) scale vehicles pre-1965 era


I’m having trouble finding O guage (1/48) scale vehicles . 1/50 would also do.

If anyone has a source I’d appreciate knowing where to look. Sometimes I envy you HO’rs and N scale folks when I see all that’s available to you in those scales.

Thanks in advance…

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    Have you looked at Menards Train stuff website? They continually have different vehicles there for O scale. I have also bought some at Walgreens, not sure the scale but close enough!


    The Walgreens answer is a good one. I bought many vehicles for my G scale layout at CVS. They now seem to only have smaller sizes – which look appropriate for O scale. These cars are very reasonably priced too.

    Don’t forget “forced perspective” when placing vehicles on your layout. If you have some that are smaller than O scale, be sure that they are at the back of the layout.


    fairfieldcollectibles.com sells vehicles in all sizes, but has limited O. As others have mentioned, Menards sells O scale vehicles, and you can sometimes find older vehicles at Big Lots stores or your local grocery store at the end of an aisle.

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