Track plan from scale model railroading magazine


Has anyone ever seen this track plan that I’ve shown in the picture? It is in Linn Westcott’s “Introduction to Scale Model Railroading”. I’ve had the small magazine it’s shown in for over 60+ years. The little excerpt below the layout is all that was listed in the magazine. The cover is torn off of the magazine but it shows the title on the picture. I’m considering using this layout if I can find more info about it. Such as minimum radius, grade, etc. Thanks in advance for any help.

model train track plan

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    It’s from “Introduction to Scale Model Railroading,” by Linn Westcott. Copies are available on eBay. Just search for “westcott introduction to scale model railroading,” and you should find several hits. It appears to have been published in the early 1950s so you will see the male bias in the text. Linn Westcott was well known in those days, I think he published the magazine Model Railroader for many years.


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