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Finally retired and am looking for referrals to the best “N-Scale” track planning software, I have a 14’ x 18’ room and currently have a seven layer three track Helix already built.

Southern Pacific and Alaska railroads, so logging, Ag, coal, gravel, and tankers. Lots of mountains

Planning on all DCC operations.
Most engine power is BLI, and KATO.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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    I’m in the process of designing a layout using SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeler). And using the free version. Give it a look. Has different scale tracks; turnouts and can add bridges, tunnels and even mountains. Nothing better than free!
    Mike Tuttle


    I took my forever to get my head around the track planning software.

    Like all software, once I’d got the basics, it all slots together easy enough. Steep learning curve though.


    Thanks Al


    Both SCRAM and ANYRAIL will work for you. Personally, I prefer SCARM. Both have a free version that limits the number of things you can do; download and try them out to see which works best for you.


    Best is a personal preference depending on what you want from a track planning software.
    For my part, SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railroad Modeler) is the only way to go. It takes a little getting used to but on more that the average software, and the website has comprehensive how to’s and the author/administrator is very responsive to questions. This software has a great 3D view and if you purchase the add-an Model Train Simulator, it is by far the best. I have been using this for years and especially like that it updates are in most cases free. If you want software that can handle complex track situations and a realistic operating environment to check out your proposed layout – This is it. Even if you don’t decided to buy it, by all means go online. I am in no way affiliated or paid by for my opinion, which is all this is.

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