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I have my bench work set up but i just can’t seem to come up with a layout that works for me. Every time i try something it never seems to work out for me.

My layout is 3 3×8 sections in an offset U shape. Any advice will help, i’m getting so confused and frustrated that i can’t come up with something.


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    Ok calm down write a list what you want for the space you have, the smaller the scale the more you can put on it, Then list what type of scenery, Mountains, desert, cities, rural Logging Company etc… I use Kato “N” Scale & Kato makes a “HO” Scale too if you want that size. I have a ATSF Santa Fe Desert Scene MOW Yard Layout. A backwards “Z” with tall wooden trestle homemade, a helix to get to the top of trestle, it winds down Cliffs to a horseshoe curve above the MOW yard & down into town and to the foot of helix again. See my answers to the Question above yours here. Go to for more info on their snap-track and track size you want to use. Kato makes 16 track sets, 2 come with power packs. Yes Kato is a little more expensive but worth it in the long run, as I’m finding out these l2 years so far into my latest Layout in 2 different homes. I added a straight 12 inch section between the town & MOW yard to add more spurs for the MOW work cars & Cranes in 2nd bedroom closet & 1/3rd of my room. I can’t expand outward but I can go up 2 more levels and maka a 2nd level on top of 1st level. But right now I’ll finish the 1st level more before I get to the 2nd level in the future. Start with the Kato Catalog first & let us know what you decided to do. Later.

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