Is there a problem with Bachmann N scale “EZ-Track”


I am getting back into model trains after a 60 year absence. About a year ago, I purchased a Bachmann “Whistle Stop” set from Amazon because it was DCC, reasonably priced, and had a locomotive I really like, a “Ten-Wheeler”. I set it up, and liked the basic set enough that I decided to expand it and now have a 4’X 6′ layout that will slip under the couch in my small condo in Florida. I now have a layout that I really like that allows me to run my “Crescent Express” passenger train headed by a Bachmann “Light Mountain” in green southern livery and a “Local” headed by the “Ten Wheeler” at the same time. I also have a “0-6-0” switcher in the yard. It’s what I want…, BUT

I purposely kept the layout all Bachmann “EZ-Track” (two 30 degree crossovers and 7 turnouts) because I remember having problems “mixing and matching” different brands in the distant path. After several months running this setup, I have to say that I am less than satisfied with my layout. I have problems with the locomotives stalling out going over the crossovers and turnouts and random derailments. Now, this week, I have read of two instances on the blog where two different contributors have scrapped there Bachmann track and replaced it with Kato track.

Is there something going on here that I don’t know about? This seems to be a drastic step that would be taken only in response to a well defined problem. Any light that anyone can shed on this would be greatly appreciated

I am also starting to doubt the quality and reliability of the basic Bachmann stuff. The “Light Mountain” has been back to Bachmann under warranty 3 times (they have finally replaced it with a new unit). The “Ten-Wheeler” has been back once. It would only operate in reverse and needed a “drive wheel adjustment”. Both locomotives still occasionally stall out going over the crossovers. Interestingly, if I turn the sound effects “off”, the locomotives negotiate the crossovers perfectly.

Have I made a big mistake here and saddled myself with over $1000 dollars worth of inferior equipment? I was into “HO” stuff back in the sixties and know well how delicate this stuff is and handle it as seldom and as carefully as possible.

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