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I have a few engines that I have been repairing. The wiring needs to be soldered for connections. I find that the wiring is so small that I am afraid of using my current soldering iron and solder (used for plumbing copper pipes).

I am looking for suggestions on types of solder and/or soldering irons that will work better.


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    It’s a good question – hard to find an answer on this one.

    Did find this good soldering advice though:

    soldering advice.


    There is only one to go on this. Go to Circuit Specialists on the net and order their 60 Watt soldering station. This is a top company. You will with some practice solder hair width wires like a pro & use flux core solder for electronic equipment. I am a fan of MicroMark’s liquid flux-It lasts forever and is phenomenal for fine work.
    MOST important is to use a grounded soldering station for DCC work on an engine with decoders and NOT a regular iron. The 60 W station is grounded. You’ll blow decoders if you use a regular iron.
    You’ll use that station and thank me forever.
    BTW if you want to spend more money & get a higher W station then its OK.


    For electrical work use 80/20 rosin core solder. Buy small diameter solder so that it melts at a lower temperature which will prevent your wires or terminals from being damaged. If you use flux core solder it will eventually corrode and you will lose conductivity. The best tool for the job would be a soldering “pencil” around 35 watts more or less. Also try to find “heat sinks” which are small clips that you clip onto the wire next to the solder point. These will absorb the excess heat to prevent damage, I.e., melting of the adjacent area.


    Rosin core solder not flux- very sorry- Must have thought welding-


    Thanks everyone for your responses. I have some work to do. Also, just received the winter edition of the Micro-Mark tool magazine and guess what is on the cover, yup, Micro-Mark Soldering station. LOL, They must have been reading this page.

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