Fitting stay alive circuits to decoders


There seem to be two opinions re fitting stay alive circuits to decoders. I wire up (create) my own electronic circuits so don’t buy such ready made units.
My question is: can ANY decoder have a stay-alive fitted provided they are connected to the correct terminals? Some manufacturers suggest that their decoders can’t have stay-alives but is merely because those decoders are not supplied with s-a tails?

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    Not all decoders are provided with suitable connections for stay-alive capacitors, although in many cases I am sure it would be feasible to connect if you can identify the correct point in the circuit to connect to. Obviously, soldering your own leads to anything other than a designated connection point would invalidate any warranty.
    Of the decoders which are manufactured to accept a capacitor, some have leads already fitted while others have designated points to which the leads may be soldered.

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