Caboose seems to Short Out my Track


My son (about to turn 2) has been very into trains so I decided to shop the after Christmas sales and bought a couple of ready to run Christmas sets. My Bachmann N-Scale “Merry Christmas Express” set arrived today, and as I added the locomotive and each car to the track, didn’t have any issues until it came time to add the caboose. Once the caboose was coupled on, the train would no longer move. I had a second track already set up and has been working well for over a week now, but when I added the caboose to that track, that engine immediately stopped as well. Now clearly I’ve isolated the culprit to this new caboose, but I don’t know what to do about it. Is there an easy fix I can do myself, or do I just need to request a new set (or at least a new caboose)? Thanks all for any help!


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    You are right in that the caboose is faulty. There is obviously a connection between the wheels on at least one axle, This is simple to check if you have a multimeter, otherwise I would follow your plan A and return the caboose to the dealer.

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    On cars that have lights inside have one wheel insulated from the axle. I would suggest taking one axle at a time remove it and turn it 180 degrees and reinstall it. If it doesn’t solve the problem put it back the way it was and repeat with each axle. I had the same problem and this solved it.

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