Auto reverse with mid-run pause


I need some type of electronics that will allow an HO engine to go from one end of a track, pause, and return in reverse to the other end.

There are a lot of those on the market BUT I need one that would allow the engine to also stop & pause BETWEEN the ends of the track.

I’m not sure what that would be called and wonder if someone has used a similar item and can recommend a manufacturer.

Terry Miller/IDAHO.

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    I just recently included a tram in my display using Bachmann EZ auto-reversing track. It delays about 5 seconds at each end before starting back up. I run a tram on it but I put an engine on it and it ran fine also. I run DC so I am not sure it you can run DCC on this track. Track type is very limited as far as I can see. They only have 9″ straight and curved on an 18″ setup.
    I have also seen on various websites, like E-bay and others, a battery controlled adapter that can work with regular track, but I believe that you have to solder this control to the track somehow.

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