Wiring a terminal Strip


I can’t find a wiring diagram anywhere that actually shows how to wire accessories to a terminal strip and then back to the power supply or bus.

I’m looking for a complete wiring diagram. New to the hobby and have absolute zero electronic background knowledge.

Does someone have such a diagram?

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    Wiring accessories are simple and there are a few different ways, however this may be the easiest.
    Pardon my drawings but basically the power pack is plugged into the AC wall.
    A positive wire (red) goes to the terminal strip post #2. There is another red wire which goes to Terminal post #1.
    From there a red wire goes to from post 1 or 2 to the accessories. As you probably don’t want them on all the time, there is a simple single pole, single switch (in green) between the terminal strip and the accessory positive connection.
    The black wire goes from the negative post on the power pack to a post on the terminal strip which is also connected to the post on the other side of the terminal. The wire then goes directly to the negative wires from the accessories, which have been connected together.
    REMEMBER: YOU decide which post is negative or positive, just make sure you remember them in the future and don’t mix them up.
    An even simpler method is to bundle all the red wires and screw them to the same terminal post.
    However if you have a lot of accessories they may be difficult to wrap around the small screw.

    Good luck
    Terry Miller


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